To Vogue or Bust is Holding onto Summertime Thanks to John Frieda

To Vogue or Bust isn’t ready to say bye to summer—and neither are we! She’s holding onto those summertime vibes by working in as many summery pieces as possible and flaunting a John Frieda inspired hairstyle that just screams “I’ve been swimming in the ocean all day”.

Brighten Up Those Natural Highlights 

There’s no need to say bye to those natural highlights you worked so hard on throughout the summer. If you want to keep your highlights shining bright (like a diamond) you can turn to John Frieda‘s Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Brighter® collection. To Vogue or Bust‘s been bringing life back to her locks with the collection’s shampoo & conditioner as well as the Visibly Brighter In-Shower Lightening Treatment (which she uses on a monthly basis)—the real VIP in her eyes. She loves this product because it literally works in 5-minutes while you’re in the shower and lightens your hair within your natural spectrum, no brassiness or orange tones.

Now Channel Your Inner Beach Goddess

You’ve worked those highlights in gradually, now what? You really owe it to your tresses to style them up so that the highlights can really sparkle. This Braided Crown with Half Pony is the ultimate beachy look, and best of all, it’s seriously easy to recreate! Find out how to create the look HERE.

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