June 9th, 2016

Summer Ready Featuring Bliss Spa Products

Our Beauty Advisor Hollis loves beach season! In this video, she shares her pampering summer routine that includes her favourite Bliss Spa products found at London Drugs. From Bliss’ Hot Salt Scrub to their Ingrown Eliminating Pads, Hollis will show which products she swears by to prep for the beach days ahead this summer!

Products featured:


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June 4th, 2012

Waxing Tips for a Smooth Summer

Having satin-smooth skin that lasts for weeks at a time is one of the major advantages of waxing, especially as bikini season approaches! 
We think waxing is a walk in the park compared to something like wearing heels all day! But for any nervous waxing virgins out there, let us put your mind at ease with some Parissa tips to reduce the ouch-factor!
Before you start:
  • Baby steps. Get comfortable doing legs before trying a more sensitive area like your bikini or underarm.
  • P.M.S. We tend to be more sensitive the week before our period, so if possible, avoid that time.
  • Ibuprofen can help diffuse pain and relieve swelling when taken 30 minutes to an hour beforehand.
  • Don’t be shy! Give yourself enough space, time and privacy to perform the deed. This will help you to relax. Prepare your area with everything you need before getting started, and hey, why not a little soothing music as well?
Technique is everything!
  • Speed counts! When you apply the fabric strip over your wax, make sure you pull that strip back quickly. Zipping that strip off fast will ensure great results.
  • Taut taut taut! You must hold your skin firmly. Think of stretching your skin back in the opposite direction that you will be pulling the strip off.
  • No ooze is good news. Spread the wax on in a paper thin layer. This is KEY! Spreading the wax on too thick will not give you effective results and can cause bruising.
  • Apply a little pressure to the waxed area with your hand or a cool cloth immediately following the ‘pull’.
Choosing the right product for you:
It’s important to make sure you have the right product for your skin and hair type. A great place for New Waxers to start is Ready to Use Wax Strips – these beauties are pre-waxes and ready to go, anytime, anywhere…and there’s no muss and no fuss! Whether you want hair removal that is Quick & Easy, Water Washable, or Super Salon Effective, you’ll want to be sure you’ve got the best choice in your hand. Keep at it – I promise you that it does get easier over time because the hair becomes weaker and finer the more you wax it!
Alley Laundry
Parissa Waxing Guru

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