October 11th, 2013

Fabulous skin for fall

When fall arrives, along with frequent rain and wind, we expect our skin to feel and look more moist, but this is rarely the case. Heated indoor air—in offices and at home—is dry air and quickly robs moisture from the skin, while fall winds and colder outdoor air have the same effect. To ensure your skin looks its very best, it is wise to prevent or treat dryness as soon as possible in the season.

Let’s take a look at how you can keep your outer self-glowing beautifully despite the changing weather.


August 30th, 2013

Dermatological Skin Care

What are dermatological skin care products and how can they work for you?

Our dermatological skin care products are backed by science and specially formulated for those who care about the health— as well as the beauty— of their skin. (This makes good sense as a healthy skin is a beautiful skin.)

sundamageCombining cosmetic ingredients with pharmaceuticals, dermatological skin care products are often referred to as “cosmeceuticals.” Their function is to address specific skin concerns including sensitive skin, acne/blemishes, dry skin, hyper-pigmentation, sun-damaged skin and aging skin. Dermatological skin care is a synergy between cosmetic science and medical/dermatological science, where the products offered meet the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of proven effectiveness and safety.

The results for you are a healthier skin and confidence that the product/s you are using are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards.

November 14th, 2012

Reversa Cleansing Micellar Solution

Reversa - cleansing micellar solutionA well thought-out and practical packaging for the new Reversa Cleansing Micellar Solution

What’s more frustrating than wasting part of your precious cosmetic cleanser on a cotton pad? This certainly won’t happen with Reversa’s new Cleansing Micellar Solution which comes in a brilliant and convenient pump-bottle system!

The pump has a simple yet sophisticated design: a special vertical-action valve with concave actuator allows for one-hand use and perfect dispensing control for just the right amount of solution required. Absolutely no waste! In addition, the one-way valve prevents product contamination through seep-back. Furthermore, its 300 mL format at a suggested retail price of $23 allows for a very affordable cost per mL.

The cleansing solution itself is mild and effective, suitable for sensitive face and eyes. A high-quality product that will satisfy the most demanding consumers.

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