September 21st, 2015

Summer to Fall Make-up Tutorial

Now that fall is officially here, it’s time to say good-bye to summer staples like bright lipstick and flushed cheeks in favour of shades that are a bit more subdued (but definitely not boring!). Not sure where to start? Beauty Youtuber Gerry of The Bunnie Hole shows us her new go-to make-up products and tricks to help you seamlessly transition your look to fall, while trying some of the season’s hottest new beauty trends!

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September 2nd, 2015

Quick Makeup Routine for Back to School

Sometimes, there just isn’t time for a long luxurious shower and lots of pampering in the morning. Sometimes the alarm goes off and you’ve got 15 minutes to get out the door and off to work or school! For those rushed mornings, Beauty Youtuber Trina Duhra has some tips on how to simplify your routine with key makeup and hair products. Even out skintone, brighten up the eyes, add some colour to lips, freshen up hair, and you’re good to go!


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October 11th, 2013

Fabulous skin for fall

When fall arrives, along with frequent rain and wind, we expect our skin to feel and look more moist, but this is rarely the case. Heated indoor air—in offices and at home—is dry air and quickly robs moisture from the skin, while fall winds and colder outdoor air have the same effect. To ensure your skin looks its very best, it is wise to prevent or treat dryness as soon as possible in the season.

Let’s take a look at how you can keep your outer self-glowing beautifully despite the changing weather.


August 1st, 2013

2 must-have beauty looks for fall

Picture yourself stepping outside your door on a crisp autumn morning. You look like a poster child for this falls’ fashion trends. Your outfit, rich in jewel tones, is structured yet layered with texture. And because you know just how important accessories are this coming season, all eyes are on your gorgeous new handbag, shoes to die for, and traffic-stopping jewelry. Best of all—the detail that ties everything together—is the way your new look carries through to a perfect makeover.

This fall, structured brows and off-the-face hair styles will set the stage for two different makeup trends—bold eyes paired with understated lips, and natural eyes paired with a striking pop of lip colour. Check out our Fall Trends Pinterest Board to see some examples, or read on to learn how you can achieve both looks:


September 18th, 2012

Bewitching Fall Colours!

As scary as this sounds… the fall season is right around the corner! Yikes is right! The season for ghouls and goblins, scarves and boots are about to take over, but what colors are we going to look forward to? What looks are going to take over the streets?

The NYX beauticians are here to give you that sneak peek at what to anticipate for the up and coming season!

Expect dressing your lips in plum and burgundy hues. This lip shade gives that daring and fierce look that we all need to ravish in during the cold and sometimes murky season. To get this astonishing lip try the NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Burgundy.

That creamy fix will act as a liner and a lipstick giving you that intense fashion forward look. If you’re wondering what to do with your eyes, leave your look to be subtle for the day, but if you want to deepen the look for an evening out, smoke it up using the our Nude Matte Shadows in dark shades like Stripped, Confession or Craving. Blend it out using Lap Dance and highlight your brow bone with Kiss the Day.

There you have it…you’ll be ready for the fall in no time!

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