May 4th, 2013

Lise Watier Rouge Fondant Suprême

with Labrador Tea, the most powerful antioxidant

lw_2Lise Watier debuts its newest lipstick, Rouge Fondant Suprême, with the Exclusive Concentrated Labrador Tea Extract, the same extract found in their top selling Age Control Supreme skincare line! The new lipsticks are incredible! Featuring an unparalleled comfort and a sensation that’s almost undetectable, it’s a lipstick designed to glide on the lips and leave them incredibly soft and luminous.

With 12 amazing new shades ranging from very neutral to very vibrant, there’s a shade to suit any mood or skin tone. With the addition of the Exclusive Concentrated Labrador Tea Extract, the lipsticks have incredible moisturizing and antioxidant properties for an ultra- comfortable wear that give your makeup products the incredible power of a skincare. I love the high shine, mirror like finish these products give to your lips! Great for day or night, the shine allows you to skip the step of a gloss but still have a lustrous pout.

What is extra fun about these lipsticks is that each shade was inspired by famous beauty icons both past and present. Lise Watier gives you the option to channel your inner Marilyn when feeling bold and sassy or perhaps choose a nude like Jennifer when you’re going for more of a laid back beauty. You could feel like a different super star every day!

Lipstick goes way back in history as being one of the first make up products ever created. We all love lipstick, and rarely leave the house without at least one in our purse! There’s just something about a great new tube of it that makes you feel great. It can completely perk up your day through that extra little bit of confidence you feel with it on!

Spring is a great time to try out a new colour and remember what I always say: It’s just lipstick! If you don’t love it, just wipe it off and start again! There is no risk in playing with a new rock-on shade, but you could end up being big reward when you find a color that works for you!

Have a Beauty-Full Day,
Chelsea Chute
Lise Watier Cosmetics Regional Trainer

April 12th, 2013

It’s not a cream, it’s not a foam, it’s not a powder, it’s…


If you have had any reservations about cream eye shadows in the past (I personally had always been skeptical of cream shadows) OMBRE SOUFFLÉ SUPRÊME will change all of that! Let me explain:

The texture is like no other, a whipped, airy mousse with incredible pigment payoff and shine. The light-as-air feeling makes them a pleasure to work with.   One little touch and you’ll see right away how unique and beautiful this product really is!

Many of us usually avoid cream shadows for fear that they’ll  crease and disappear in minutes.  OMBRE SOUFFLÉ SUPRÊME is definitely not a cream eyeshadow!  The mousse has such an incredible staying power, there’s no need to worry about creasing!

OMBRE SOUFFLÉ SUPRÊME is an absolute ideal eyeshadow, no matter your age or eye-shape!  The best part of this texture: we can add amazing ingredients to give your eye-makeup the power of a skincare, the formula contains our exclusive concentrated Labrador Tea extract for great anti-aging benefits, and you might be familiar with the amazing benefits of Labrador Tea from our best-selling AGE CONTROL SUPREME skincare range.  Finally, the perfect way to ensure women of all ages have some fun when it comes to eye makeup; for those of you who’ve usually avoided shimmering powder shadows because of how they accentuate the lines on your eyelids, OMBRE SOUFFLÉ SUPRÊME is an absolute must try!


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